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A most vital aspect of being alive is that as human beings we have infinite potential for creativity and love. As this Santa Barbara sunrise illustrates, this potential can be experienced from within Light and Dark. Both surround us now. So, we may ask Who Am I, and, Why Am I Here? How each of us lives into these answers, in our individual and collective lives, has urgent and essential meaning in these times of evolutionary challenge. What must I create? How might I exercise personal power with greater flexibility and mutuality to generate personal and organizational transformation?






We lead in many different areas of our lives including self-leadership, leadership in groups we are part of, and in larger systems where we work, play, and be.  Often we are keenly aware of the experience of leading as individual as one tree in a crowded forest might seem.  Sometimes we sense and work as leaders within a forest, to continue the metaphor, amazed at the scope of the demands.  And often, in these high velocity times, it can seem our intended effect is blurred by pace and magnitude of the challenges we face.  What area of your leadership is calling you for further development?  Working more effectively with small group and team dynamics?  Or, increasing awareness of your action logic and gaining increased alignment between intention and outcome in your organization?


How are you being called to transform your operating beliefs and leadership practices to generate more of what you really want to create?  What new window is opening, revealing a new perspective, perhaps even pulling you, toward your next best leadership role, impact, or influence?  Where might your leadership transcend its current reach?  Looking toward St. Stephen's in Vienna, this rooftop view captures the beauty and power of living and leading from one's calling, at such a time as now, when doing so is one of the most important choices we face.





What is Leadership Transcendence?

  • Linking development to thriving in times of increasing uncertainty
  • Achieving outcomes by thinking outside the box (what box?!)
  • Expanding our capacity to bring out the best in others
  • Developing deeper appreciation for each person's uniqueness, creativity and purpose
  • Maximizing mutual influence by becoming more self-actualized oneself
  • Transforming organizations at all levels
  • Coming from Love more often, more naturally
  • Listening to one's intuitive capacities
  • Attending to unconscious motivations and shadows
  • Attending to emergent realities and energy